Hydration Bladder

with clips included

Is the most comfortable way to keep your hands free while you’re climbing the mountains, riding a bike or just jogging for a long distance. First of all this hydration pack was military designed. That’s why it is very multi-functional and compact and you can carry this hydro-pack wherever you planning to.

The water reservoir is 100 Oz/3-Litres, so it will provide you with liquid for a long time. Also, it is very easy to clean it and you won’t spend lots of time trying to wash it before refreshing. It can be easily opened by removing the wide spout. The bladder has non-toxic BPA free material. It is also FDA approved. This hydro-pack is the best solution for people who like hiking, climbing, biking etc.

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Prepare For The Adventures

Best For Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Hydro Backpack, Outdoor Events and Camping.

Riqik High Quality Hydration Bladder
Securely closed

But can be opened fast

Wide Cap

You can fullfill and clean it easy and fast due to large opening.

High quality mouthpiece

Riqik bladder has soft and easy to use mouthpiece

Clips included!

Two tube clips holder for drinking tube included in out product!

Helps You survive

For all possible activities

We are really hoping that this bladder will help you everywhere.
Hydro-pack will be helpful not only in mountains.
Many athletes use it while training. For example runners, cyclist, etc. You ever can use it while you going for a walk with your dog.
We guaranty that this water bag will be useful in any extreme situations and serve you for a long time.

Perfect Quality

Built By Actual Travellers

We advice to order 3l bladders to all our visitors
Why?  If you compare 1 or 2-litre bladders, you will see that they cost approximately same price. The weight also not be very different. But the carrying capacity is bigger, so you can fill more liquid in it. In practice, it’ll give about 50% more water. Nowadays all training bags have a place to put hydration bladders. Big camping bags have huge pockets for them. So it will be no problem to put it there. But there is not so many space in a trail or running bags. And it will be a bit hard to but 3l pack in the pocket. But there is a simple solution for this. Fill the water reservoir with water not fully. So in this case size of the bladder will not be so big, and you’ll easily put it at any place you want.
So you can see that hydro-pack is very convenient climbing and hiking.
It will be indispensable thing at all your adventures

Enter Into A World Of Adventure

RIQIK Military Hydration Bladder  0:45

Victorias Origin reviews RIQIK bladder and shows how to easily fill it with water.
“Great water bladder, which was taken hiking three times now. I
t holds water great without all the leaking, I was able to attach it to my hiking backpack with the attachments that came with it, I live up in the mountains so I usually get very fresh water up her, which I then fill this bladder with. It’s easy to fill and easy to use, you do have to pull the mouth piece a bit in order to get the water to release for hydration.”

RIQIK Military Hydration Bladder 3Liter Review 01:00

Henry Patterson reviews 3Liter RIQIK Water Blader.
Very impressing hydration bladder with great quality of material and very useful additional clips which are included.
Also, it is an antimicrobial treated product, so ever after several usages, nothing is growing there 🙂
This bladder is very comfortable in usage.

Best Hydration Bladder? 06:20

This full review brought to you by Canadian Videos.
Simon demonstrates RIQIK bladder, a superb hydration pack.
This is one of the best hydration bladders he has used so far. Also, he’ll give you some tips and hacks about using the hydration bladder.





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